China Newest Robot Vacuum Cleaner QQ9 with Mapping Function

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Product Description

NEWEST Robot Vacuum Cleaner QQ9 With Smartest Navigation Smartphone WIFI Mapping Visible,Robot Aspirador.Extendable Side Brush


What differences the Our newest Robot Vacuum Cleaner QQ9 Compare with other Robot? other Competitors?

Our Robot Vacuum Cleaner QQ9 isn’t just a normal robot vacuum. Its control panel in eye-shape doesn’t only resemble an owl – it is exactly as attentive. The robot hoover is the first one with the so-called Automatic Navigation System. Accurately it creates a map of the cleaning area – furniture, obstacles or carpets – nothing is missed. Even with many other features it outgoes its competitors- App Control, Lithium-Ion battery and a modern brush design.

1)With Automatic Navigation Technology

The robot vacuum is featured with the absolutely unique Navigation System . This innovative technology offers not only a spotless and efficient floor cleaning. Additionally it draws a 3D map of the cleaning area, choosing the most efficient cleaning way. With the help of this map it can individually adjust to the cleaning area – no collision, no un-cleaned areas.
2)Mapping of the cleaning area

While cleaning, the robot hover is scanning its surroundings with its special laser technology. Therefore, it is able to detect objects and obstacles with 99 % precision accuracy. Areas from 2 cm up to 7 m are captured. This ensures a gapless cleaning of your flat.

Furthermore is equipped with an optimized partition plan which enables the definition of several smaller cleaning areas. Thus it adapts individually to its environment and works efficienty.

The App offers an overview during the cleaning process as a map. It will show you the robot, the cleaning area and the area that has already been cleaned.4
3)  Smart memory :
The Cleaning Ending Last Time is the Begging Of Second Cleaning Of QQ9 .
The robot is to know where has cleaned while where hasn’t thus one-time sweeping  which make the cleaning coverage is more than 99%
4)Smartphone WIFI App Control:which is more easiser and smarter ,also with the Cleaning Map navigation can be seen from your smartphone.
5) The wireless charge allows the machine to charge more smoothly,going back recharging more easiser and more more acurrately.
6)Extendable Side Brush :Along the wall cleaning effect is more clean as the side brushes are Extendable when do the walling cleaning .
7)7)With big 500ml water tank which can do the wet and drying cleaning in the same time.
8).Ultrasonic Sensor: make more sensitive than Traditional infrared sensor model in the market.  and our advantage Such as ,easy to looking for Charging sation. Also the robot  are no probelm to work under the Sunshine  Also in the BLACK carpet or BLACK floor. 

Ultrasonic sensor 2

9)Smart Voice Function function,when the robot have the problem ,the robot will tell you.




10)4th Generation Rolling Brush:updated with Fiber and Aluminum alloy steel material with rubber rolling brush which make the floor more clean. Also it is more durable.


Other basic Function:

1.Auto Recharge:It will get into recharging mode in advance when the Battery is going to run out. 
2.Schedule:you can schedule set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week.
3.Remote Control:IOS And Andriod Smartphone APP Remote Contorl which is more Smarter and Easier
4.Sonic Wall:with Ultrasonic sensor: It can block area by sending special infrared signal
5.Anti falling system:It can avoid dropping off from the table, stairs, and any other high Place under normal circumstances
6.Anti-collision:robot cleaner will adjust direction automatically when it runs into obstructions
7.Smart cleaning:One Button Auto Start ,more Easier operation 
8.Double filtration:primary filter+HEPA which more air more clean 
9.Error Code :When the robot have the problem the robot will tell you by voice
10.Easier repairing:Spare parts mould design with smart structural design make robot very easy to repair even by yourself.
Application Floor :
Hard Wood
Carpet (height should be less 1cm) take off water tank
What in the packing box:
1pc Robot vacuum cleaner
1pc battery(inside the robot)
1pc wireless charging sation
1pc Remote Control
1pc Sonic Wall
1pc Water tank
1pc Mop Cloth
1pc Charger
2pcs Side Brush
1pc Heap 
1pc Manual 
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